I’m a Lead Software Engineer with 10+ years developing web applications and leading teams. I’m passionate about learning, mentoring, and I enjoy challenges. I’m a believer in building and delivering tangible products to users. I have a passion for building UI’s internal or external. My focus area and expertise are in the front-end development space, web performance, API integrations, and providing technical guidance on overall application architectures.

📧 Contact me

Email: tdmckinn@gmail.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tdmckinn

Personal: https://www.tirellmckinnon.com

Github: https://github.com/tdmckinn

🧰 Software Skills and Development Tools

Languages – JavaScript (Node), C#, SQL, elixir (exposure), golang(exposure), Mongo, CSS3, HTML

JavaScript Frameworks MV* / State Management - ReactJs, Vue, Angular, Polymer(exposure), Redux, Mobx, Vuex, PWA

Testing: Jest, Karma, Jasmine, Tape, chai, Cypress E2E, headless browsers, Casper, react-testing library

Other – Jenkins, AWS, GIT, Atlassian Suite, VS Code, .NET Web API, IIS, Agile, nginx, Gulp, Webpack, Kanban/Scrum, SASS/Less, Docker, Typescript, Service workers, Web Performance, PostgreSQL, Developer Tools Chrome, Express, HapiJS

💻 Work Experience

↘️ Jobs

Invision / Lead Front-End Engineer

(January 2021 – present)

Bleacher Report: Engineering Lead / Senior Front-End Engineer

(January 2019 – 2021)

  • Engineering Lead of a cross-platform initiative to bring PPV to iOS, Android, and Web. I collaborated with numerous stakeholders Developers, Product/Design, Directors, Business Ops, and Service Owners in order to plan milestone work. This work included In-App Purchases and Stripe integration bringing commerce to the overall business as a new revenue stream.
  • Front-end application development on bleacherreport.com with NodeJS, Redux, CS, and JavaScript. I also maintained internal dev tooling; I’ve built internal apps and I currently support an existing CMS admin application with a NodeJS server layer for API integrations and server-side rendering.

    • Lead of web focus area’s web performance, developer experience, and app build/deploy.
    • Lead on gamecast for web; I created a technical specification doc for the web feature, planned, created tickets, handled API integration’s with elixir services, and did E2E web development.
    • Supported web video player technical specification and development with live, VOD, and ads integration.
    • Held regular 1:1 meeting’s with FE developers mentoring on tech focus areas

Skookum: Senior Software Engineer & Front-End Forum Organizer

(April 2016 – January 2019)

  • Development of a front-end UI for users in the mortgage industry primarily geared towards the loan process. Primary role included creating two different UI’s dynamic interview and form style applications. I took charge of on-boarding and general developer adaptation to the project.
  • Project lead: Architected / developed a web app doing both client and server work. The app is used by Bank Secrecy Act Agents. The application allows for auditing, customer reports, vendor management, charting, and historical look at all money movement. React/Mobx/NodeJS, IIS .Net Service integration and API’s
  • I was the lead dev on a Bank innovation project using React, GraphQL, and TypeScript. My primary responsibility on this project was the development infrastructure, feature porting, and integrating the project with the existing backend development team.

Stanley Gibbons: Front-End Engineer

(February 2015 – April 2016)

  • Development and launch of an e-commerce web application with a rebranding effort in the following months which lead to very positive customer feedback.
  • Lead development effort of rebranding and implemented a living style guide with the UI team for our main application working with UX to define standards. Contribution mainly on search, data, and content team to include search/browse pages and custom CMS using Angular

Fidelity Investments: Software Engineer

(July 2010 – February 2015)

  • Lead re-write of internal business web application TASView that allowed users to research investments, update/review cost basis, view tax lot information, and download reports. I built over 13+ single-page applications.

Lots more history and development here my big transition to Frontend happened during my time at Fidelity

➕ Tech Bonus

  • Public Speaker, Developer Advocate, and JS Enthusiast

    • I’ve traveled across the country doing conference talks on web technologies mainly JS (ES6 and beyond) and NodeJS. I participate in local community meetups between NC & SC.

📚 Education - University of North Carolina at Charlotte

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science - June 2010

⚔️ Military Experience

  • US Army Signal Officer National Guard – S6 Captain (0-3) (June 2010 – June 2018)

    • I lead and managed 14 Soldiers supporting a Field Artillery and Aviation Battalion. I also handled the planning and execution of analog and digital military networks. I served as the primary communications expert within my unit.
    • I managed a team of Soldiers for 7+ years conducting individual expectation/goal setting, monthly check-ins, and yearly reviews.
    • I supported Joint Operation Mission’s in Romania and Wyoming during field exercise training; providing technical planning and expertise.
    • I mentored and provided guidance to Soldier’s on Career goals on life outside of the Military.
    • I was awarded the Army Achievement Medal for outstanding service while serving in the role of S6 with my Aviation Battalion.
    • Managed LAN based services using military STT and CPN.
    • Communicated with vendors such as General Dynamics.